The outside world is an oscillating visible reflection of the oscillating invisible processes that defines a being. What defines a being comes from the invisible side of things, and what a being ultimately seeks is the one who is doing the definitions. It is only when the being will focus its attention upon the invisible within itself, that the being will nourish the one who is doing the definitions. Otherwise, the being only nourishes the definitions themselves, and thus gets caught up into their temporal states, rather than remaining one with it’s natural and eternal state as that which remains forever invisible.


To nourish the invisible side of ourselves is to nourish the eternal side of ourselves, for the invisible side is always present wherever and whenever we are. When we nourish the visible side of ourselves, we feed that which is temporal, not eternal. To do so constantly within a repeating pattern, generates mental vortices which sucks the attention of the being within temporal manifestations of itself, thereby placing the attention of the being upon that which will forever remain unstable. Those temporal manifestations are manifestations in the visible domain, of the constant interactions that exists between the visible and the invisible, in the macro and micro perspectives of the universe. Those interactions generates movement which is a direct manifestation of change for nothing visible can remain the same forever – the visible being forever modified by the invisible!!!


The same relationship is true in the human side of things as well, for it is true that for a human being, the constant interactions between the visible/sensed and the invisible/unsensed domains, generates the movement which is responsible for the experience of life itself. The constant cycle going from one state (invisible/unsensed) to the other (visible/sensed) and back into the one state (invisible/unsensed) again – repeat ad infinitum -, will generate the movement that is responsible for the vibrations of light/energy itself. For the goal of light/energy is to return to it’s invisible/unsensed state, to which it does cyclically at the rate of the plank unit of time, or at the smallest possible unit of time. At each time it returns to it’s invisible/unsensed state, light/energy releases the light/energy that it carried while on the visible/sensed state, into the invisible/unsensed domain. Through the release of that light/energy within the “invisible/unsensed domain”, that light/energy instantly dissapears from our 3d space-time continuum, and enters the realm of the invisible/unsensed continuum, so as to “pick” the information found within that realm and bring it back to the visible/sensed continuum.


Within the invisible realm, the light/energy gets impregnated with wathever information that is to be found at that specific moment within it. The light/energy returns to the visible/sensed domain – after the smallest possible unit of time possible, known as the plank time -, fully charged with what it has brought back from the invisible/unsensed domain. The light/energy releases that charge instantly within the visible/sensed domain, thus releasing the total expressions of the total impressions it has brought back from the invisible/unsensed domain. The invisible/unsensed domain imprints the light/energy with content/information that will be released within the visible/sensed domain at the next plank unit of time, or at the next “flash of light/energy” within the visible/sensed domain. Each time the light/energy flashes it’s contents/informations – coming from the invisible/unsensed domain – within the visible/sensed domain, the visible/sensed domain is updated. After this moment, the light/energy returns back into the invisible/unsensed domain in order to generate the next generation/iteration of the visible/sensed domain for the being to experience. This process is never ending but to resume, the visible/sensed domain is the space where the imprints received from the invisible/unsensed domain, carried within light/energy, are released, while the invisible/unsensed domain is the space where the packets of light/energy are imprinted and charged by the contents/informations found within the invisible/unsensed domain.


The visible is made true when we perceive ourselves through the senses, which doesn’t specifically equate to our sight. Our senses gives us specific information about specific wavelengts of the light/energy. Those specific wavelengths of the light/energy, gives specific information to those specific areas of the brain which can detect those specific wavelength of the light/energy. For some areas of the brain, those differenciated wavelengths are detected as sight. For others, they are detected as sound, as smell, as taste or as touch. The common denominator within them all, is that they are all different interpretations of the same light/energy. A light/energy which exists, forever in a constant relationship with the invisible.


It is at the moment where the invisible meets the visible side of things, that the present is made true. The Now is the constant manifestation of this process throughout eternity. It is only in the Now that the invisible side of things comes into direct contact with the visible side of things, for it is only in the forever changing Now, that the invisible is made true.


What a being seeks, is to reunite itself with the invisible side of things, for the eternal being EXISTS within the invisible side of things, not the visible. This is demonstrated through the simple fact that the one who is doing the thinking remains forever invisible – the “visible being”, being only temporal manifestations of the “invisible being”. The invisible, in and as itself, can never be demonstrated, for as soon as it is, it’s essence changes into something new. Every new other things will forever come and replace every demonstrations of the invisible as a thing, thus rendering every demonstrations of the invisible as a thing to be forever false witnesses of the invisible as no thing.


The only true witness of the invisible is the invisible itself in action. And that invisible is the subjective side of a being.


To seek ourselves into the visible, is to seek the source of ourselves within what we are not. We are not the visible, for the visible is a temporal manifestation of the intemporal being that we seek, and is thus not the being that we are. That being is the eternal being of which we are truly and forever one with – we are forever one with it for we are forever one with the invisible side of things -, for we are the invisible being which forever processes the visible into something new. The being that we seek exists as the invisible side of a being, and the invisible side exists as the inner subjectivity of a being. However, the paradox is that the invisible side of a being is and cannot be limited or expressed through words for what it truly is, and therefore, cannot truly be expressed through words, for as soon as it is, it loses it’s attribute of invisibility, thus it loses it’s true nature/meaning as it is expressed. A word or a series of words can only point into the direction where the invisible exists within a being, but can never portray what the invisible is in and of itself.


We process the visible through us constantly changing it within the invisible side of ourselves. For it is within our invisible side that the processes of evolution, or the processes of change through transformations, occurs. These transformations are absolutely necessary, for the invisible is absolutely necessary, and for the invisible to be forever true, change has to be forever true. If change was somewhere, somewhat not true, then it wouldn’t even be possible to entertain any ideas upon existence. We wouldn’t exist. The only way for this absolute necessity to be true, is for the visible to change constantly through a process of evolution/”equilateral additions” that operates in the visible and invisible side of things. Everything changes constantly, but only at different rates. The invisible is the space within a being where the visible transforms itself into something new. It is the invisible space where the invisible creator as ourselves, modify the visible universe by transforming it so as to change, evolve and create the ever changing visible universe that we experience.


To try to put it more bluntly, the “invisible” that is referred to here is the aspect of a being which remains forever “invisible” to the being itself. It is the part of a being which is forever observant of the being and it’s many manifestations – yet never to be observed. It is the part of a being that is never able to be seized, for it is the observer who forever observes that which the being expresses and receives. It is the inner realm from within which a being is placed and observes reality. It is the mental bubble that shields the sense of self from anything which surrounds it. In other words, it simply is the domain from within which the “presence” of a being operates. A domain which can never be fully seen or fully realised.

As an example, I, on one hand, cannot fully express all that I am within myself to any “observer” who “observes” the words that are being presented of me here. For whatever I am in full, cannot be completely expressed through the limiting constructs of the words that I choose. For who I am truly, is unlimited, and the unlimited cannot, in any circumstances whatsoever, be limited to a construct which is limited within and as itself (a construct such as a word). What I am and what I try to express of my being here, is the “observer” who will forever be found within the stance of the “observer”, and not the stance of the “actor”. Hence, whatever is seen of my expression here is related to the “actor” aspect of my being for the “observer” – you – who observes the words that I express. This is so simply because of the fact that my expression is “observed” through the words that I express or “act” out, whereas the “observer” can only be inferred within those words and not actually expressed as those words. Those words are the expressions of the “observer” acting itself out, thus they are the “actions” of the “observer” and not the “observer” itself. The words that I express here are not to be identified with the “actor” figure, for it is not the “actor” that I am trying to convey, but the “observer” who remains forever invisible behind the actions of the actor.

The “observer” is the permanent aspect of ourselves, as it will forever be a witness to all that will happen to ourselves, as well as to all that we will create and destroy. It is the invisible part of ourselves that remains forever permanent as the source and recipient of all of our experiences. It is the unchangeable, unmoved and forever observant aspect of ourselves which forever processes the informations that the senses brings back to it’s awareness. It is invisible for otherwise, it would stop being what it is, which is “the observer” – or the “universe itself” experimenting itself through each and every one of us, yet never to be contained within any one of it’s expressions.

The “invisible” is only such from our limited perspective of all of reality, for whatever is now seen as being “invisible” is in fact “full of information”, just as the “invisible observer” is “full of information” from the perspective of the one doing the observations ( for example: I as the observer of these words, am full of information, related or not to the subject at hand – either it being the information of what I did yerterday or the information of what I learned when I was in college -, even if I as the observer remains forever invisible).

It is not because something is invisible that it lacks information or content, for even the notion of invisibility itself contains a complete set of information that seeks to be discovered. That which is invisible contains information that is seeking to be known, just as the observer seeks to know itself through the information that it contains.

Therefore, that which is “present” in the light is the information that comes from the “invisible” side of reality, through the inherent cycles coming from the vibrations (“on” state and “off” state) of the light. The law of conservation of energy states that information/energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can only transform/reassemble itself into something new. Thus, the information contained in the visible light, which is the information that is contained in the light when it is on it’s “on” state, cannot be destroyed when light turns into it’s “off” state, or at the time where – at the plank level – the light dissapears from the known universe. What is extrapolated here is that the information/energy that the light contains at the moment that the light “dissapears”, is NOT destroyed but only undergoes a process of change within the realm that our intellect cannot reach, which is the “invisible realm” that is being inferred here.



There is no universal good vs. evil. It is defined by each person. The parts of myself that I do not like (because of any reason, social conditioning, my thinking etc.) are classified by me as bad/evil. And the parts I don’t like are thus suppressed. Just as children and cats believe by closing their eyes they are invisible. I might believe that those parts have disappeared as I can’t see them any longer. It is just that they are not chosen by me for the limelight.

These form what Carl Jung calls’ the shadow’.It is also seen as dark side. It is dark side in two senses.

First, as I have labeled the parts of me that I don’t like as evil, the shadow is automatically evil (and hence dark) by my definition.

Secondly, it is not seen, not in the limelight, this part lies in the dark –…

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satan-loves-us-allSatan and God are the SAME BEING simply because ONE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER. Without such a thing as “bad” there cannot be such a thing as “good”. Without such a thing as “God”, there cannot be such a thing as “Satan”. One allows the other because ONE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER. God cannot exist without Satan and Satan cannot exist without God. Therefore, it would be WISE to GLORIFY the OTHER just as one GLORIFIES the ONE, because the ONE which is GLORIFIED OWES IT’S EXISTENCE ON THE PRESENCE OF THE OTHER. Since ONE IS FOREVER PRESENT, THE OTHER IS FOREVER PRESENT ALSO. Within the absolute, GOD KNOWS OF BEING WITHIN THE OTHER, just as SATAN KNOWS OF BEING WITHIN THE ONE therefore, God TRULY GLORIFIES SATAN, just as SATAN TRULY GLORIFIES GOD – BECAUSE IN SUCH, GOD GLORIFIES ITSELF IN SATAN, and SATAN GLORIFIES ITSELF IN GOD. It would be WISE therefore to GLORIFY THE ONE WHICH WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AGAINST


That part of ourselves which we agree upon, is that part of ourselves we are conscious of – or that part of ourselves which we have placed into the “light” of our “observations”. However, the “light of our observations” cannot exist without there being simultaneously the “dark of our observations”. One, the “dark”, allows the other, the “light”. Therefore, light cannot exist without dark, as darkness ALLOWS LIGHT TO EXIST as ONLY LIGHT ALLOWS DARKNESS TO EXIST in the FIRST PLACE – and vice-versa. Everything which forbids the individual to realize it’s inherent completeness as itself, is the conditionings one has placed upon the expression of its “dark self” as opposed to its “light self” – a conditioning which ultimately manifests as a resistance. Every conditioning is a resistance that has been manufactured “in the first place” and every resistance “in the first place”, is a resistance that is manufactured AGAINST that which WE ARE IN THE FIRST PLACE – which is “no thing”.

“No thing” is just as what it implies yet, we continuously try to define it, which is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. We try to define it because nothing remains forever undefined – and, such as god allows satan and satan allows god, for one cannot go without the other, the “undefined” allows the “defined” and the “defined” allows the “undefined” for one cannot go without the other. Since one evidently exists to our physical senses as that which we define, the other evidently exists to our minds as that which remains undefined. The mind holds that which is invisible, and the physical holds that which is visible. One cannot Exist Without the Other. We can thus ONLY FOOL OURSELVES into BELIEVING ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER instead of the truth of the 2 being as one at the same time. We fool ourselves through our own conditionings, which equates to all resistances that we have against our “shadow selves”, because it is only our conditionings that forbids us from expressing those parts of ourselves which comes naturally in every arising moment.

It would be wise, therefore, to GLORIFY our shadow selves, just as much as we GLORIFY our light selves as our shadow selves ALLOWS our light selves to exist in the first place.

God_&_Satan_single_artworkThe true nature of things is binary as “Every Thing” exists as 1 and the other at the “same time”. There isn’t a thing such as a “singularity”, or, a “defined thing” or “an atom” or “an electron” or “a substance”, if there isn’t an OBSERVER who is observing the “singularity” at the “same time” the observation is made. However, the “true observer” can NEVER BE OBSERVED, for the “TRUE OBSERVER” is FOREVER “OUT OF SIGHT” as the “TRUE OBSERVER” Exists only within the realms of the “INVISIBLE” – which is a realm which is fundamentally “INVISIBLE”. Therefore, EVERY attempt at “deciphering” the “invisible” through any “WORDS”, or “OBSERVATION”, or “DEFINITION” or “SINGULARITY” – as EVERY ATTEMPT that has EVER BEEN ATTEMPTED BY SCIENCE IS AND WAS AN “ACT TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE”, is FOREVER bound to “failure” as the “unexplainable” is simply the “OBSERVER” who Observes “every things” out of it’s realm of absolute “Invisibility”. There cannot be One (the visible world) without the Other (the invisible world) – and since the “visible world” is “Evident” within the realm of our observations, then this implies that the “invisible world” exists just as “evidently”.

“Every Thing” within the observable universe is just a “REFLECTION” of this “FUNDAMENTAL NATURE” of the “UNIVERSE” – however since this “fundamental nature” of the universe CANNOT BE DUPLICATED, as one cannot duplicate the fundamental nature of the “UNSEEN OBSERVER” who is “FOREVER UNSEEN”, one can ONLY FOOL ONESELF into the BELIEF that there exists 1 OR THE OTHER, and NEVER 1 AND THE OTHER “AT-THE-SAME-TIME”. This has given rise to the world of “DUALITY” as “DUALITY” is the REFLECTION – THOUGHT/THINKING – of the TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE as that of being UNITED WITHIN A FOREVER BINARY STRUCTURE – even if one side of the binary structure is “FREE OF ALL IDOLS” and is thus forever only “implied” as it can “NEVER BE NAMED” since a “NAME” would INSTANTLY CONTERFIET IT’S NATURE.

oppositesLa partie de moi qui “n’existe pas” est transportée par mon “esprit”, puisque ce dernier “n’existe pas” de façon empirique à l’intérieur de “l’univers observable”. Est-ce que l’on peut quantifier où localiser l’esprit dans le monde matériel? La réponse évidente est que non. La partie de moi qui “existe” par contre, est celle qui est transporté par mon corps physique, puisque ce dernier “existe” de façon empirique à l’intérieur de “l’univers observable”. Est-ce que l’on peut quantifier où localiser le “corps physique” dans le monde matériel? La réponse évidente est que oui.

Ces deux parties, soit la partie “visible” – le physique – et la partie “invisible” – l’esprit -, participent CONJOINTEMENT et SIMULTANÉMENT à la CRÉATION de l’univers observable qui nous entoure. L’acte de créer, vue selon une perspective de “cause-à-effet” ou systémique, prend d’abord son origine dans la demeure “invisible” de l’existence, soit le monde “spirituel/esprit”, et se transmet/transpose naturellement vers le monde “matériel/physique” par l’entremise du “corps physique” – soit l’endroit exact où l’invisible – l’antimatière – rencontre le visible – la matière. Ce point de rencontre entre le visible et l’invisible, créé le corps matériel à travers lequel s’exprime les mouvements engendrés par l’expression de ces 2 oppositions.

Mais la réalité est que l’un ne vient pas avant l’autre, où plutôt que “l’invisible” ne vient pas “avant” le “visible”, puisque les 2 sont mutuellement joint et ne peuvent en aucun temps être dissocié l’un de l’autre, simplement puisque “l’un” – l’invisible – permet “l’autre” – le visible et que puisque l’un « EST » de façon éternelle – soit l’invisible – l’autre l’est également. Dès que l’un est “nommé”, l’aspect de lui-même qui l’oppose se voit automatiquement relégué aux “oubliettes”, afin de permettre l’avènement de “l’un” qui “l’oppose”.

Contrairement à ce qui est perçu, ce n’Est pas parce que nous percevons qu’un seul coté de la manifestation des choses que “l’envers” de ces dites choses disparait instantanément. Autrement dit, ce n’Est pas parce que nous percevons la partie  illuminé d’un objet que son ombre disparait. L’ombre – ce qui oppose une “chose” nommé ou défini par la raison – est indissociable de la chose/définition/nom qu’elle permet de composer et se retrouve toujours de « l’autre côté » de la « face » de la chose que nous observons. Sans l’ombre, il n’y a pas de côté illuminé – tout comme sans “ombre”, ou partie “cachée”, il n’y a pas de “partie dévoilée”, ou de “choses visibles”, “nommées” ou “définies”.

L’ombre véritable des choses est ce qui est reléguées aux oubliettes, soit ce qui ne peut absolument pas être “dévoilé”, puisque dès lors que “l’ombre” se “dévoile”, elle n’est alors donc plus dans “l’ombre” ou les “oubliettes” et perd donc instantanément de sa qualité étant nécessaire à la création des choses, soit sa qualité intrinsèque d’être à jamais dans “l’ombre”.


Ainsi, donc, la raison pour laquelle ces 2 aspects de toutes choses se DOIVENT d’exister de façon simultanée, soit que l’aspect qui est “visible” et l’aspect qui est “invisible” se doivent de s’exprimer mutuellement et ce au même moment – est que l’un permet l’autre et que dès lors que l’un s’exprime, l’autre s’exprime également mais dans un sens qui est et demeurera à jamais « invisible » à l’un qui l’oppose. Ceci est dû au fait que l’envers d’une chose est toujours son « absence totale ». Dès qu’une chose est nommée, elle appartient instantanément au domaine de « ce qui est », soit ce qui n’est pas absent, et se voit donc simultanément extraite du domaine de « ce qui n’est pas », soit ce qui est absent. Par exemple, lorsqu’une personne exprime de la « joie » dans un moment donné, la « tristesse » qui l’oppose sera manifestée instantanément dans  l’aspect « inconscient » de cette personne, puisque c’est invariablement le « contraste » entre les 2 qui permet à l’autre d’être « exprimé » ou d’exister. Le contraste original est et sera toujours celui qui existe entre « ce qui est » – ou la matière – et ce qui « n’est pas » – ou l’antimatière, donc, tout ce qui est rendu visible appartient au domaine de « ce qui est », alors que tout ce qui demeure invisible appartient au domaine de « ce qui n’est pas ».

L’invisible sera toujours et à jamais caché de toutes les découvertes faites par l’homme, puisque dès l’ors qu’une découverte sera effectuée en relation à l’origine de toutes choses, cette “découverte” exprimera un aspect de “l’invisible” qui sera soudainement rendu “visible” et que, pour cette simple raison, l’essence même de ce qui est “invisible” demeurera insaisissable, puisque dès l’ors qu’on croit le saisir avec une nouvelle définition des choses, son essence nous échappe puisque ne pouvant jamais être saisis à l’intérieur d’une définition quelconque, puisqu’une définition enlève tout de ce qu’elle tente de saisir, soit le « non-définissable ». Puisque ce qui est saisissable – la matière – est éternellement présente autour de nous en tant que formes matérielle, l’insaisissable l’est également et mutuellement puisque ce dernier PERMET l’existence de la matière qui l’oppose – et vice-versa. Sans l’un, il ne peut y avoir l’autre et que puisque l’un existe de façon éternelle – le rien – l’autre existe simultanément – le tout – mais de façon temporelle à l’intérieur de l’éternité.

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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear my future, because of the belief that I will have a hard time when I will be in a working environment, as I am currently unemployed and looking for a job, wherein I have accepted and allowed myself to imagine my future out of the foundation/starting point of fear – instead of stopping myself from accepting and allowing myself to participate within the fear of the mind, through the application of breathing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application, so as to stop myself from being controlled by my fears, and re-script myself so that I become the self-directive principle of me in my world, where no fear will be allowed to control me.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I will have a hard time when I will find myself in a working environment, because of having accepted and allowed myself to base my fears out of my past experiences as a “worker” in society – instead of realising that I am not the same person as I was when I was working in the past as I have changed through time and through the application of the “process” in my life, and that if I am to see myself move or about to move within the pattern of “fearing to be in a working environment”, that I am to immediately stop myself from being controlled by my fears, through the application of breathing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application so as to change what I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become as the “fruit of the mind” as illusion, into becoming one and equal to who I am truly as the physical as life, where I will stop allowing myself to participate within the fear of the mind so that I become the self-directive principle of me in my world – and not my fears – so that I may become a living example for myself and others as myself as to what it is to be a responsible human being in this world, which acts within the interest of all life so as to bring about a world which is best for all.


I commit myself to, whenever I see myself move or about to move within the pattern of projecting myself into the near or distant future through the lenses of fear, to immediately stop myself from entertaining the idea that I will experience something which I have deemed as being negative, through the realisation that I have in fact changed since the last time I worked, and that if I am to see myself live experiences that are akin to those that have formed the belief that I “fear my immediate or distant future”, that I am to immediately stop myself from further reinforcing the belief within me, through the application of breathing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application – so as to change the patterns that I have accepted and allowed myself to be equal to as the mind, and re-birth myself as life as the physical where no fears exists, but only the self-directive principle as me in my world, so as to be able to ACT according to the principle of oneness and equality, so as to bring about a world which is best for all life in this world.


I commit myself to actually write daily in my blog so as to reinforce the patterns of change that I want to instil into me, through the constant and continuous daily use of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application, and stop making self-commitment statements that I am not committed into making through the actual application of “small” self-commitment statements that I am actually able to commit myself to.


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