I will be happy to answer your questions. First of all, concerning the first question and your interest in gaining more information, I will say that the philosophy that I have presented to you regarding the sociological change came from my active participation within a group that call themselves the “destonians”. This group, without being a cult or anything of the sorts, is proposing a new economic system that goes by the name of “equal money system” which has as a rule, the value of life as the determining factor of one’s income. This system that they are proposing – and they are gathering steam throughout the internet – is a new system that, without going too much into its details, proposes the implementation of two types of income which are the basic income and the labour income. The “basic income” would cover all that one may need in order to live a dignified life from birth till death, which icludes all of the basic necessities like housing, clothings, food and electricity. The other modality of the system is called the “labour income” and is an income that is strictly reserved to those who are “working” within the system in order to sustain it’s infrastructure and demands. This “labour income” will be the same for everyone, meaning a doctor will get as much money per hour as a sales clerk for example, and will allow those who are making money through the exchange of their services, the luxury that they may desire. This is not like what many think as being communism, for it is not based on hierarchy or the incinuation of power over any one whatsoever. Within the new sociological system however, many jobs which are currently effective within our system will become obsolete, for the new system that they are proposing discards all of that which is currently supporting competition and survival of the fittest – which are traits that will eventually dissapear within the new system and humanity as a whole if we stop participitating in what makes us competetive in the first place. However, before getting into this new system that they are proposing, one has to go trough a process of self-forgiveness, which is a process that deconstructs the patterns that constitute what we have accepted as Our Reality and re-construct the patterns according to what is best for all life through a commitment of self-correction. I have been an active participant within this group ever since it’s implementation back in the year 2007 and have written a lot of self-forgivenesses regarding points that was and is within each and everyone of us. They base their observation on what needs to be done within this lifetime, according to the extraordinary capacities of a young female that goes by the name of Sunette Spies, which can exit her body entirely and navigate the unseen dimensions of life so as to get a new found perspective on the reasons why we are here and what absolutely needs to be done if we are to redeem ourselves from what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to create within this existanceas a whole, which is as I believe all can agree, unnacceptable. You can get all the information you need regarding this group at the following web site: www.desteni.org, and you can get all the information you need regarding the sociological change they are proposing through the equal money system at the following web site: www.equalmoney.org. I have had the honour to visit them in their place of operation in South Africa back in august of 2008, after I have read and watched all of the documents and videos that were made by Sunette Spies at the time, regarding the unseen consequences of each and everyone of us in face of our actions within and without our minds. She explains that we are all one and equal, but that our minds keeps us from getting to be that which we are as life, thereby maintaing us trapped within our own minds of separation rather than becoming one as all as life as equal as the universe. Each and every one of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are very much contributing to the creation of abuse within our world and as such, as long as we keep on participating within thoughts that are based in polarity – good or bad -, we will keep on projecting abuse within our world and realities in this life and at death. No one will come and change us but ourselves. We have to take responsibility for what we have created in this world thus, self-forgive ourselves for what is in ourselves as thoughts, feelings and emotions so that we may transcend the mind and become one with and as the physical which is the foundation of all life, thus Life itself. I would suggest you go read some of the Articles within the desteni web site (http://desteni.org/articles) and some of the videos on the web site as well for all the information you need regarding this movement. Unfortunately, most of the videos that were made by sunette spies since 2007 has been removed and replaced to another web site that I am currently unaware of. This will give you a good overview of what I am supporting and participating within my current “journey” or “process” at the current moment in my life. 

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