I will publish a re-introduction to who I am here as I have now completed my first DIP assignment where I have been asked to introduce myself. It will give further perspective on the How I have come upon the Desteni material and what happenned next as my first experience with the material. So, here goes:

So, my name is Alex Parkinson, and I have been aware of the Desteni material ever since the beginning of the year 2008. How I came into contact with Desteni was something of a coincidence, as I kind of stumbled upon a video made by sunette as I was looking for something else in youtube.

Within the month of January 2008, I was within a particular state of mind from within which I was brought to a video made by sunette on youtube. The state of mind I was in at the time made me perceive myself as being “more than myself”, wherein I was within what I later realised as being a mind possession of an energetic entity where I felt and experienced myself as being “extremely more than” what I normally was/am. I have to state that this feeling of experimenting myself as being “extremely more than” what I normally experienced myself as, was brought to my consciousness as a side effect of what I have been defined/diagnosed as being, which is bipolar – and that such an experience of myself as that of the feeling of a “extreme high energy” was a consequence of my predicament as that of being a bipolar according to the psychiatrists of this world. Ever since I have been diagnosed as being bipolar, I never really perceived myself as being ill or being defined as being bipolar, but that this definition was only the result of the assessment that a psychiatrist made of me, after having experienced a first episode of a manic experience, back in June of the year 2003. So, ever since that time, I have cyclically and regularly experienced myself as being “high” within and as the experience of me. This being probably due to the fact that I had overwhelmed myself within such an experience of high energy back in the year 2003, that it created an addiction within and as my nervous system, and that I did nothing within my power to stop such an experience within myself, as I was so enthralled within the new perspective that the “high energy” brought unto my perception of existence, that I didn’t want to let go of it. Thus it became an addiction of some sorts, but an addiction which had its own life as it came and left within cycles after having first experienced this type of manic energy in 2003.

So, this explains the mind state that I was in as I first got introduced to the Desteni material. Now, concerning the hazardous events which brought me to get to know Desteni and its message, I kind of stumbled into a video made by Sunette in youtube, as I was looking for videos about spiritual subjects – to which I do not exactly remember the specificities of. However, as I was looking for videos in youtube – probably regarding the subject of life after death but I am unsure of this – my attention was brought to a thumbnail-video which was on the side of the youtube page I was looking at at the time. I saw the face of Sunette in the thumbnail, but what really caught my attention was the subtitle that was under the thumbnail-video. I do not remember exactly what was said under the thumbnail-video, but it evidently caught my attention, as I felt the urge to view it. As I was watching the video for the first time, I remember that I have experienced within myself a feeling of liberation as if I was expanding within myself as I was watching the video. I think it was about the subject of the atlanteans, but my memory of this event is failing me, so I cannot exactly tell if it was the first video that I saw of Desteni or if it was a subsequent video that I saw later on. Needless to say that essentially, what brought me to further investigate Desteni after the first video, was directly related to the “feelings” that I experienced within myself as I was watching my first video of Sunette/the dimensions. It was thus the feelings that I experienced within myself that brought me to further my investigation on the Desteni material. So, after this first encounter with Desteni, I followed the link to the Desteni web page, which was under the domain www.desteni.co.za at the time. What followed was a descent into a deeper state of manic episode, as I was so mesmerised by what I stumbled into, that I became caught within feelings of even higher states of mind, as I was completely under the spell of the fountain of relevant information that I stumbled into at the Desteni web page.

So, I started watching and watching and watching videos made by Sunette whereas I spent entire days and even nights doing that sole task – as I was completely hypnotised by the information that was revealed by the videos about the history of man, the universe and the self as was described by Sunette within her videos. In fact, my hypnotism with the Desteni videos was so great, that at one point, I became completely obsessed by my desires to watch all of the videos that had been made by Sunette. I remember that the number of videos that Sunette made at the time, was a little bit above 900 and that I had made it a goal of mine to watch them all within the shortest time span as possible.

At one point however, my desires to watch all of the Desteni videos available, in order to get as much “spiritually” relevant information as possible became so obsessive that I was eventually forced out of my home by the police. Now, this may sound extreme but let me tell you what brought the police to intervene within this particular predicament I was in with regards to the Desteni material.

As I stated earlier, the act of watching the first few videos had opened a door within and as my mind where I became completely obsessed within the goal of watching all of the Desteni videos within the shortest time span possible. In fact, I wanted to watch the videos so badly, that I made it a goal of mine to watch in sequence, all of the 900 and + videos as in a marathon. What was particular within what followed was that my mind became like a sponge, where I metaphorically speaking, drank all of the information as if it was the fountain of spiritual/esoteric knowledge. It became so intense that I started doing what was suggested in the videos, as I went through phases where I first changed my voice as I was talking in order to talk “without any energetic consonances” as it was said within some of the videos, that we had been preprogramed by the annunaki to react to specific sounds within our verbal expression of ourselves which only furthered our enslavement to the mind. It was also suggested that this programming made by the Annunaki was so “perfect” that a solution hadn’t yet been discovered by what I believed was Jack – the dimensional being. My memory is not that clear as to the details of that fact, but I remember clearly that I brought it unto myself to find the solution in order to bypass this programming. What I thus found was to talk in monotonous fashion so that I wouldn’t reinforce this programming within myself and others as myself from within my relationship with others. So, I began speaking in monotonous tones with all those with whom I had a relationship with at the time – and I stuck to this application as long as I could, which was until the policemen intervened and brought me to the hospital in order to “check my mental stability”.

The reason why I was brought to the hospital was not exactly because of what I just explained, but it was mostly because of an even more extreme behaviour that I adopted as I watched, in sequence, as most videos that I could – or until the exact moment where the policemen removed me by force from my computer in order to place me in an ambulance. Now, the reason why the policemen forced me out of my home, was because the roommate that was living with me at the time, became extremely concerned about my wellbeing, as at one point, I was so into the idea of bypassing the programming made by the Reptilians, that I merged within my mind, personal beliefs towards what I was witnessing in the desteni videos. My mind became a bundled mess. At one point I actually believed that I had to metaphorically “restart my birth sequence” so as to purify myself from the programming made by the Reptilians. So, I followed this “idea” of restarting my birth sequence in order to purify myself whereas I went to the extremes of placing all of my belongings, which included all of my clothes, in garbage bags as I was under the influence that I had to get rid of all of that which made me relate to my past so as to start anew. So, what happened next was that I was completely naked in front of the computer screen as I was watching the remaining videos of Sunette, whereas I have placed all of my belongings in garbage bags and placed the garbage bags in the living room so as to eventually throw everything away.

As I was doing this, my roommate was seeing me do this all in front of his eyes – whereas I kept on telling him that he had to trust me, that I knew what I was doing – lol, to which I clearly wasn’t now in retrospect. So, seeing me behave in such an extreme fashion brought my roommate to call my mother for support. So my mother came and as she saw me naked in front of the computer screen, not being able to put some sense into me, she called the police wherein I was eventually brought to the hospital for treatment.

So, without going into too much more details about what happened next (as I just realised that I have written more than 4 pages already), let just say that this was my introduction to destiny and its material. Needless to say that I have since changed my views regarding my fear of what the reptilians did to us, Desteni, the process and its material, but this was actually what happened in my life as I first got introduced to Desteni.

So, I will leave it at that for now and will continue walking my process until my next assignment.

Edit: Concerning my 7 years to life process commitment, I decided on my own accord in the month of May 2012 that even if I was banned at the time from joining the Desteni community through the forum, because of my precarious past with Desteni, that I would take it unto myself to apply myself in the process even if I would not be supported in doing so. So I made the decision to commit myself to the 7 years to life process because I came under the realisation, as even if I had been banned many times in the past by Desteni because of abusive behaviours, that the Desteni message and principle was altogether the only source of practical information that was actually making common sense throughout all of the different idealogies/philosophies/books that I have read throughout all of my life. I came under that realisation because like I said, even after having been banned many times by Desteni, it’s message lingered within my mind to such an extent that I couldn’t pull myself out of the Desteni movement even as I was banned from the community, as I knew within the depths of myself, that everything that Desteni stood for was actually everything that I also stood for within myself, but that I had not yet allowed to become real within and as myself through consistent practical application. So, after continuously reading the Desteni materials throughout the time where I was banned – continuously watching videos of destonians and reading blogs – it became obvious to me that I had to apply myself at all cost, even if I was to be forever banned from the Desteni community, because it became absolutely obvious/clear to me that everything that Desteni stands for is exactly as that which Desteni claims, which is the stand for life as that which is best for all life – and that it is only me within and as what I have accepted and allwoed myeslf to be and become as the mind, that can change myself and stop my participation within the mind = no one else but myself will come and save me from myself. I actually didn’t even consider the possibility of rejoining the community when I first started with my 7 years to life blog, as all that mattered to me was to apply myself consistently through the 7 years to life process. I wanted to do this for myself as a clear and definitive statement of my commitment towards life as the physical as who we truly are, equal and one. So, I made the commitment with myself to, for the first time in my life, commit myself to myself and make a real and actual stand for life so as to live the new statement that I wanted to make of myself – which is to forever stand for that which is life and no more accept and allow myself to participate within the illusion as the mind.