ImageOk, today I will do a special entry in my blog wherein I will talk about what is bothering me at this current date and time.

Now, in one of my post that I wrote about 3 weeks ago, I talked about a physical issue that i have been having for what has now been about 2 months. The physical problem that I then talked about concerned a cyst that is located on the base of my vertebrae, just next to the coccyx. I have been having this cyst for more than that time however, as it first appeared in about the beginning of the year 2012. It first appeared as a bump that was near my coccyx and was a slightly bothering me in the beginning stages where I had difficulties in sitting down because of the fact that i felt sensations of pain as I was pressing my body on top of the cyst.

So, like I said, at first the cyst didn’t bother me that much, as I kind of found ways to live with the “problem” and I actually thought that it would disappear by itself with time. However, the problem became to appear as being a bit more serious after a few months passed, wherein the cyst was still there and where I still had problems when sitting down. Fortunately, I had regular visits at the hospital throughout that time, where I regularly met with a nurse that has been assigned to me to see if I respect the taking of my medication in order to treat my “bipolar” predicament ( i won’t call it a disease as I do not see it as such ). So, when I met my nurse, I told him about the problem  that I have been having with my cyst in the region of my coccyx. He had a look at the cyst and was a bit concerned, as he believed it to be a pilonidal cyst – which is a problem that usually occurs with people who spend prolonged time in the sitting position for the purpose of work. So, he asked me if it was a problem to me, to which I told him that I could live with it. So, we didn’t make much of the situation and believed that it didn’t need any further auscultation by a doctor.

So, i went about my business without being too much concerned about the “big pimple” that was on my ass.

However, about two months back, within the whereabouts of mid april, the cyst busted open whereas a continuous flow of puss and blood started to flow out of the pimple. I didn’t notice the blood and puss at first because of the fact that I had a lot of hair near my coccyx area whereas the hair kind of sponged all of the blood and puss into making a kind of “barrier” whereas the hair in the vicinity of the cyst became infused with small quantities of puss and blood and dried up so as to make a kind of natural … how do you call it… ( i do not know the english term for what i am trying to express. I went and have a look at an online french to english dictionary site in order to find the word that i am looking for but didn’t find it) … you know, the natural thing that happens when someone gets a cut and then the cut dries up with blood in order to protect the cut while the body heals it – well it kind of made that same thing, but with the hair surrounding the cyst opening acting like a natural “protector”. So, I didn’t notice that the wound was still open because of what I just tried to explain, being that the hair formed a kind of natural protective barrier so that the wound would heal.

The problem occurred however, when in the middle of the month of may, where I removed the “sticky and dried-up hair” that surrounded the area where the cyst used to be. So, by me removing the hair that was around the wound where the cyst had been, I kind of opened up the flood gates, as ever since then, the wound kept on spewing constant blood and puss. So, i put a cotton swab and some tape around the opening so as to protect my underwear from the blood and puss that was constantly spewing out of the wound – thinking that it would subdue over time and that it would eventually heal itself.

This was not what happened however, as when I checked to see if the wound would have healed, the opening was still there and blood and puss was still spewing out of the wound for weeks on end. So, at the beginning of this month, I decided to go to the clinic for the doctor to have a look at the situation. Now, at the time where I went to the clinic, the blood and puss kind of stopped for a moment, and the wound didn’t look that bad from the perspective of the fact that the blood and puss wasn’t spewing from the wound that much. So, when the doctor saw the wound, he said that he would have to give me medication and a special ointment that I was asked to put on the wound to see if that would be necessary for it to heal. So, I took the prescribed medication and the ointment and applied it for about a week.

During that time, the blood and puss kind of stopped from spewing out of the open wound so that I thought that the problem was finally over with. However, the fact that the wound was still open and that it hadn’t yet closed kind of concerned me.

About a week after I had applied the ointment and took the medication – which was prescribed for only a week by the way – the blood and puss started to flow out of the wound again. This time, I decided to go to the hospital in order to get it fixed once and for all. So, I went to the hospital to get it checked.

After waiting about 4 hours at the urgency room, the doctor finally got to see me. So, when he saw me, I explained the problem to him after which he had a look at the situation. He told me that he would probably have to operate the wound – meaning that he would have to open the wound up further by using a scalpel in order for him to remove all of the “bad stuff” within the wound which was causing the blood and puss to constantly flow out of the wound (and at the same time to finally close the open wound so that I could eventually stop having to put a cotton swab in my underwear so as to make sure that the blood and puss wouldn’t spill into my underwear) The problem with the wound at the time of my check-up however, was that it kind of appeared as if it was in it’s healing stage, where no blood and puss was coming out of the wound. So, because of the fact that blood and puss wasn’t getting out of the wound, the doctor decided that he wouldn’t operate and that he would schedule an appointment with another doctor specialised in chirurgic so as to see if i needed an operation after all – as he was doubtful that my situation needed an operation as no blood and puss was coming out of the wound. He scheduled the appointment for the 10th of July.

So, believing that i was finally in the right direction in regards to my wound, I went home thinking that I would have to patiently wait for the 10th of July for my appointment with the doctor. However, the problem resurfaced today as after i took my shower, I noticed that blood was coming out of the wound. So, I pressed within the area of the wound so as to see if more blood woud spew over and as a matter of fact, enormous quantities of blood and puss started to spew over again from the wound.

This situation is bothering me because the blood and puss won’t stop coming out of the wound. I have placed a cotton swab and some Scott’s paper around the area of the wound in order to protect my underwear and shorts from the blood and puss that spewed over but alas, there is so much blood and puss that is coming out of the wound that even the cotton swab and Scott’s paper don’t hold it in. Now I have blood over my underwear and I think that I’ll have to go to the hospital again, even if before my scheduled appointment, in order to have an emergency operation on it. Surely now that the blood and puss is coming out of the wound, that the doctor will see the urgency in the situation and will operate me in the minute as I am tired of having to worry about this wound almost everyday.

So, i will end this blog entry here and will go to the hospital right away as I want this problem to be over with, once and for all!!!


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