The practical methods of stopping the mind within this process are the following:

  1. Self honesty in every moment – when a thought, feeling or emotion arise within you – to apply self forgiveness immediately
  2. Self forgiveness
  3. Self corrective application – to live self statements as who you are for that which you have applied forgiveness for – for instance if you did self forgiveness on judging another, comparing yourself to another, you make a statement which you live to not allow judgment or comparison within you again such as: I am equal and one as me – I do not accept and allow separation within me.
  4. Breathing

To be ‘free’ from the Matrix – is to be in this world but not be of this world – meaning that you are not defined as who you are according to anything or anyone in and of this world – but you stand absolute within you as you – not influenced, moved, controlled, directed by anyone or anything separate from you – this includes your own mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions.