The following is a text i have copied and pasted as a reminder for myself and others as myself as to the reasons why i apply self-forgiveness. It has been written by Aldin, an active Destonian, and I find that it reflects perfectly my own experience with writing self-forgivenesses, especially in regards to the motivational aspect of writing when it comes to the application of the tools brought about by Desteni (self-forgiveness). So, I have placed the text here in my blog, so that other as myself understands what it takes in order to do effective self-forgivenesses.
Self Forgiveness

How I apply Self Forgiveness:

If I find a Resistence due to applying Self Forgiveness I look at it and I FORCE me to apply it.

In other words, if I do not ‘want’ to apply Self Forgiveness I find it’s BECAUSE OF something, be it

– because of wanting to do something else
– because Self Forgiveness is boring
– etc.

and in this I know that it’s a Excuse/ justification and reason.

So I FORCE me to apply Self Forgiveness = I stand up AS my Physical Body, thus I stand up Physically and I take Paper or a CollegeBlock or whatever to write on and a Pen and I sit down and I start writing.

Just start writing something and Points to apply Self Forgiveness on will emerge, you will see.

Of course then I have to Forgive myself that I have not wanted to apply Self Forgiveness and then continue.

Thus in this I STAND AS THE PHYSICAL and ACT PHYSICLY = I stand up with and AS my Physical Body and MOVE me PHYSICLY to APPLY SELF FORGIVENESS.

How I motivate me?

Well motivation is a big factor I find, though it’s easy to be motivated by and through something outside of yourself like Wants and Needs and Desires you have.

Though SELF WILL is SELF WILLING SELF — in this there exists no outside thing/seperate thing to be motivated but only SELF AS ALL AS EQUAL AS ONE.

And SELF WILL implies SELF like in the words ‘SELF WILL’

So I/me/Self WILL me/I/SELF.

To give an example on how I motivate myself and WILL myself is as follows:

If I find a resistence due to Applying Self Forgiveness in every moment of breath when and as necessary to be applyed — then I take the ‘status’ of Existence into consideration — not only myself as how I experience myself at the moment, no I take ALL Life into Consideration — I ‘think of’ the Children who are being abused/molested/raped/murdered – who starve, etc.

I take into Consideration the animals who are being abused/killed just for Mans GREEDY and FUCKED UP NATURE of CONSUMMERISM — GREEDY PIGS AS MAN.

I take into Consideration the Dimensions and their ‘Work’/Dedication and Commitment to this Process/to LIFE — to get LIFE born from the Physical — to STOP the SYSTEM/CONSCIOUSNESS — to STOP WAR/MURDER/RAPE — To stop cruelty – to stop the rape/molestation/beating/killing/molesting of Children in this world.

I take LIFE into consideration as LIFE being ABUSED extensivly and I place myself into ALL these and AS ALL these beings/expressions and ‘forget’ about myself as ‘my LIFE’ ONLY — I ACT AS ALL — I ACT FOR AND AS MYSELF AS THE DIMENSIONS — as The Animal Kingdom –AS The Childs at the very moment being molested/raped/beaten/killed — The Childs who cry out of Pain – out of having nothing to eat — out of being raped — I ACT AS ALL LIFE — ALL LIFE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION and then I PUT myself into the SITUATION of when I DIE and STAND before ALL LIFE or even HERE STANDING before ALL LIFE and ask myself ‘What would I say – What shell I say because I did not unconditionally STAND up for ALL AS ALL and applyed the tools provided for me to stop the SLAVERY, to stop the cruelty in this world/reality/existence — Would I be ashamed of myself? Could I look all into the eyes and say and know that I have acted in every moment to the ULTIMATE to STOP what is HERE as SYSTEMS for LIFE to STEP forth to be DIRECTED by and AS SELF’

In this — There cannot exist any exuse – there cannot exist any reason and any justification — because I know what IS to DO and if I do not do it — if I do not act in every moment of breath to the ULTIMATE to STOP what is HERE — but consider and take only myself as ‘my Life’ into Consideration and act as EGO I will be ASHAMED of MYSELF LATER — this SHAME will not be Experienced IMMEDIATELY but as EVENTS open this SHAME will step forth and then What is my EXCUSE????

I KNOW that I will STAND before ALL LIFE — FACE MYSELF AS ALL LIFE — and in this I WOULD not LIKE to have to be FACED with the QUESTION Why I did not STOOD UP and ACTED in every MOMENT of BREATH to the ULTIMATE as I have had all the tools Provided but did not acted as I took only myself as ‘my Life’ into Consideration and gave a Fuck onto ALL others.

Then another ‘Motivation Factor’, to call it so is — if I do not want and/or experience a resistence to apply Self Forgiveness on because I take only myself as ‘my Life’ into Consideration is that I take into Consideration that WE ALL have ALREADY FALLEN 10 times till now, and that we are CURRENTLY in the 11th CYCLE of THIS PROCESS OF BIRTHING LIFE AS ALL AS ONE AS EQUAL.


I ask myself if I would really like to experience all the shit again from beginning till now, over and over and over and over AGAIN — Loop yet AGAIN more than 350 Billions of Years to get to the Exact same point and see if I/WE WILL get through it this time?

I take into Consideration ALL of Existence not only myself to have to LOOP over again.

I put myself into the Situation as Standing before ALL of EXISTENCE — infront of ALL LIFE and being asked the question why I have had not STOPED AS I have had the Opportunity to, as ALL the tools were provided to and for and AS ME — and that BECAUSE of ME ALL HAVE FALLEN because I HAVE FALLEN and yet to LOOP ALL and EVERY THING from the very ‘Beginning’ again to get to the exact same point to see if we/I will get through this this TIME — ALL

In this I SET my ASS into GEAR and MOVE/ACT no MATTER WHAT because I know what there IS to do and must be DONE — and so I ACT.

Sure there are moment where one says ‘Ah, man fuck it, I dont want anymore. It’s to hard’.

Sure, but I know that this is not me and I have to MOVE/PUSH through it and I have tools to assist me with and these Are SELF FORGIVENESS applyed within and as ABSOLUTE – BRUTAL SELF HONESTY AS SELF AS ALL LIFE AS EQUALS AND AS ONE –

Then SELF Corrective Application

Writing and Breathing — to MOVE PRACTICLY THROUGH the MANIFESTED CONSEQUENCES of THE PAST because I know that I have CREATED these Consequences which I have to WALK THROUGH otherwise I will FALL for EVER and NEVER be LIFE — experience myself AS LIFE and therefor no one will because ALL WILL FAIL because if ONE FAILS ALL FAILS — therefore I am RESPONSIBLE FOR MYSELF AS FOR ALL LIFE EQUALLY AS ONE.

So in this NO exuses – NO REASONS and NO JUSTIFICATION cann be and are valid — because I know what it is to be DONE and if I do NOT do it — I will FALL for EVER.

This I have to prectice over and over and over because there are some moments where you ‘forget’ about this and do take only yourself and ‘your Life’ into Consideration.

~ Aldin