satan-loves-us-allSatan and God are the SAME BEING simply because ONE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER. Without such a thing as “bad” there cannot be such a thing as “good”. Without such a thing as “God”, there cannot be such a thing as “Satan”. One allows the other because ONE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER. God cannot exist without Satan and Satan cannot exist without God. Therefore, it would be WISE to GLORIFY the OTHER just as one GLORIFIES the ONE, because the ONE which is GLORIFIED OWES IT’S EXISTENCE ON THE PRESENCE OF THE OTHER. Since ONE IS FOREVER PRESENT, THE OTHER IS FOREVER PRESENT ALSO. Within the absolute, GOD KNOWS OF BEING WITHIN THE OTHER, just as SATAN KNOWS OF BEING WITHIN THE ONE therefore, God TRULY GLORIFIES SATAN, just as SATAN TRULY GLORIFIES GOD – BECAUSE IN SUCH, GOD GLORIFIES ITSELF IN SATAN, and SATAN GLORIFIES ITSELF IN GOD. It would be WISE therefore to GLORIFY THE ONE WHICH WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AGAINST


That part of ourselves which we agree upon, is that part of ourselves we are conscious of – or that part of ourselves which we have placed into the “light” of our “observations”. However, the “light of our observations” cannot exist without there being simultaneously the “dark of our observations”. One, the “dark”, allows the other, the “light”. Therefore, light cannot exist without dark, as darkness ALLOWS LIGHT TO EXIST as ONLY LIGHT ALLOWS DARKNESS TO EXIST in the FIRST PLACE – and vice-versa. Everything which forbids the individual to realize it’s inherent completeness as itself, is the conditionings one has placed upon the expression of its “dark self” as opposed to its “light self” – a conditioning which ultimately manifests as a resistance. Every conditioning is a resistance that has been manufactured “in the first place” and every resistance “in the first place”, is a resistance that is manufactured AGAINST that which WE ARE IN THE FIRST PLACE – which is “no thing”.

“No thing” is just as what it implies yet, we continuously try to define it, which is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. We try to define it because nothing remains forever undefined – and, such as god allows satan and satan allows god, for one cannot go without the other, the “undefined” allows the “defined” and the “defined” allows the “undefined” for one cannot go without the other. Since one evidently exists to our physical senses as that which we define, the other evidently exists to our minds as that which remains undefined. The mind holds that which is invisible, and the physical holds that which is visible. One cannot Exist Without the Other. We can thus ONLY FOOL OURSELVES into BELIEVING ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER instead of the truth of the 2 being as one at the same time. We fool ourselves through our own conditionings, which equates to all resistances that we have against our “shadow selves”, because it is only our conditionings that forbids us from expressing those parts of ourselves which comes naturally in every arising moment.

It would be wise, therefore, to GLORIFY our shadow selves, just as much as we GLORIFY our light selves as our shadow selves ALLOWS our light selves to exist in the first place.


God_&_Satan_single_artworkThe true nature of things is binary as “Every Thing” exists as 1 and the other at the “same time”. There isn’t a thing such as a “singularity”, or, a “defined thing” or “an atom” or “an electron” or “a substance”, if there isn’t an OBSERVER who is observing the “singularity” at the “same time” the observation is made. However, the “true observer” can NEVER BE OBSERVED, for the “TRUE OBSERVER” is FOREVER “OUT OF SIGHT” as the “TRUE OBSERVER” Exists only within the realms of the “INVISIBLE” – which is a realm which is fundamentally “INVISIBLE”. Therefore, EVERY attempt at “deciphering” the “invisible” through any “WORDS”, or “OBSERVATION”, or “DEFINITION” or “SINGULARITY” – as EVERY ATTEMPT that has EVER BEEN ATTEMPTED BY SCIENCE IS AND WAS AN “ACT TO EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE”, is FOREVER bound to “failure” as the “unexplainable” is simply the “OBSERVER” who Observes “every things” out of it’s realm of absolute “Invisibility”. There cannot be One (the visible world) without the Other (the invisible world) – and since the “visible world” is “Evident” within the realm of our observations, then this implies that the “invisible world” exists just as “evidently”.

“Every Thing” within the observable universe is just a “REFLECTION” of this “FUNDAMENTAL NATURE” of the “UNIVERSE” – however since this “fundamental nature” of the universe CANNOT BE DUPLICATED, as one cannot duplicate the fundamental nature of the “UNSEEN OBSERVER” who is “FOREVER UNSEEN”, one can ONLY FOOL ONESELF into the BELIEF that there exists 1 OR THE OTHER, and NEVER 1 AND THE OTHER “AT-THE-SAME-TIME”. This has given rise to the world of “DUALITY” as “DUALITY” is the REFLECTION – THOUGHT/THINKING – of the TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE as that of being UNITED WITHIN A FOREVER BINARY STRUCTURE – even if one side of the binary structure is “FREE OF ALL IDOLS” and is thus forever only “implied” as it can “NEVER BE NAMED” since a “NAME” would INSTANTLY CONTERFIET IT’S NATURE.